Manito Ahbee Specials 2023                   

Miss Manito Ahbee Youth Ambassador – Ashley Asapace
Men’s Grass Dance Special (18+)
In Honour of Miss Manito Ahbee Grandparents
Sponsored by: Miss Manito Ahbee Youth Ambassador – Ashley Asapace & Badger Family  

Head Man Dancer – Preston Cleveland
Men’s Prairie Chicken Dance Special
Sponsored by: The Cleveland & Olson Family 

Head Lady Dancer – Francisca Stand Strong
Women’s Old Style Jingle Dress Dance Special
Sponsored by: Stand Strong Family 

Head Young Man Dancer – C’Jay Whitecalf
Battle of The Double Bustle
Junior/Teen Boy’s Fancy Bustle Dance Special Honouring C’Jay Whitecalf
Sponsored by: The Whitecalf & Family 

Head Young Lady Dancer – Okimawiskwew Kanemitoht Gadwa
Honouring Teen Women Fancy Dancers & Young Women Singers.
Sponsored by: Okimawiskwew Kanimetoht Gadwa & Family 

Tiny Tot Dance Special – Kateri Coelho
Sponsored by: The Coelho & Redhead Family 

2Spirit Honour Dance Special
Sponsored by: The 2Spirit Consultants of Manitoba 

Darryl Fox Wapioke – Men’s Grass Dance Special
“Return to the Circle Solo Dance Special”
Sponsored by: Darryl Fox & Family 

1st: $2,000.00 + Jacket + Pendleton 2nd: $1,500.00 3rd: $1,000.00 4th: $500.00 5th: $300.00 
Sponsored by: The Favell Family 

Disability Dance Special (no registration required)
Sponsored by: The Manito Ahbee Festival  

Mizhikii’aanaqwat Ryan White Memorial Men’s Grass Dance Special
Sponsored by: The White & Little Sky Family

One Man Drum Contest
Sponsored by: Manito Ahbee Pow Wow Committee

French Braid Style
Sponsored by: Teri Beads 

Drum Group Specials before Grand Entry:
A. Friday Best Drum Group Round Dance Team Stepping
1st $500.00 2nd $400.00 3rd $300.00 4th $200.00 5th $100.00
B. Saturday Best Dressed Drum Group on the Red Road Runway
(All Day Saturday) winners will be announced after 2nd entry
1st $1,500.00 2nd $1000.00 3rd $500.00 4th $250.00 5th $250.00
C. Sunday Singers Dance Special –
Dallas Waskahat Weight Loss Challenge
1st $1,000.00 2nd $500.00 3rd $300.00 4th $200.00 5th $100.00