Tipi Raising Contest

Red River Co – Op Presents 

Manito Ahbee Tipi Raising Contest

This year the Manito Ahbee Tipi Raising Contest will be hosted at the Red River Exhibition Park Located just on the out skirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on the Treaty No.1 Territory.

Start time: Friday, May 17, 2024 starting at 3:00PM at the Red River Exhibition – Ignite Our Spirit Stage Area


Fastest time complete set UP ONLY
Takes home the top prize
Four (4) persons per team (18 years and older)
Teams are responsible to take down tipis once completed   

Tickets will need to be purchased before entrance    

Please park on the East Side Entrance   

If you would like, bring gloves (you can wear if needed) water bottles (water tanks will be on site if you need to refill) and dress for the weather.    This contest has the right to cancel due to weather   

There will be bleachers to sit on   

Please bring your cheering squad!!! 

For more information please email powwow@manitoahbee.com

Please be advised this event will be recorded and photos will be taken.   

Register HERE.