Tipi Raising Contest


This year the Manito Ahbee Tipi Raising Contest will be hosted at the Red River Exhibition Park Located just on the out skirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on the Treaty No.1 Territory. 

The Manito Ahbee Festival Tipi Raising Contest is sponsored by Wawanesa Insurance. We have also partnered with End Homelessness Winnipeg and N’dinawemak – Our Relatives’ Place: Indigenous resources that provide supports and shelter for people experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg. By bringing our communities together, we can all help to end homelessness. 

"We don’t actually have hard evidence that the total number of people experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg is growing, although we know that homelessness has changed during the pandemic, with likely more people staying outside and less people “couch surfing.” We also strive to avoid the term “homeless people,” in favour of people-first language about homelessness."
For more info on this intentional language, please check out their Media Toolkit on Homelessness

Please check out: https://endhomelessnesswinnipeg.ca/ for more information.

Tipi Raising Contest information:

The Manito Ahbee Tipi Raising Contest is about bringing “ Our Relatives’ Place” N’dinawemak together, in this event we will celebrate the innovative structure of the tipi and explore what the tipi has to teach all of us. It's all about getting in touch with our ancestors, and spiritually bringing you back to your inner self and your spirit.    

Tipis have a special significance in Indigenous culture. They are a connection to our ancestors who used tipis to provide warmth and shelter for their families. Tipis also have their own teachings which explains the significance of the direction the door faces, how the poles stretch high as a connection to Creator and are firmly planted on the ground as a connection to Mother Earth.    

The Manito Ahbee Festival continues to provide programming that centers around Reconciliation. The Tipi Raising Contest is part of our ongoing efforts to bring all nations together. The winners will take home prize money home as well as bragging rights as fastest Tipi Raiser.  This event continues the Festival’s mission of sharing Indigenous culture to unify, educate and inspire.  

Contest Category Qualifications:    

General Public Category – Open to All - This category is reserved for competitors whoare 18 years or older.  Each team must have 4 members.(Men, Women or Mixed).   

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 4.    


Must be registered as a team of (4)
All supplies will be provided to compete.
Teams will be judged on their communication skills, teamwork and how quickly they can raise a tipi.  
Team must take down tipi once judging has been completed.
Have fun!!   

For more information please email powwow@manitoahbee.com