Boys With Braids

Boys With Braids: Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Identity

Welcome to the Boys With Braids campaign!

We honour Michael Linklater, Nehiyaw father from Thunderchild First Nation, founder of the international movement of Boys With Braids!  We encourage you all to visit the Boys With Braids Facebook page.

Our Mission 

At the Manito Ahbee Festival, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and cultural pride of Indigenous boys and men who choose to wear braids. Our mission is to raise awareness about the significance of hair within Indigenous communities and to foster a sense of pride in cultural identity. 

Why Braids Matter 

Cultural Legacy: For generations, Indigenous people have worn braids as a sacred part of their identity. It connects us to our ancestors and traditions.
Colonial Impact: During the dark chapter of residential schools, Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and had their hair cut short. This act aimed to erase their cultural heritage.
Resilience: Despite historical trauma, Indigenous boys and men continue to proudly wear braids, defying stereotypes and reclaiming their cultural roots. 

Join the Movement 

Share Your Story: Use #BoysWithBraids and #BackTheBraid on social media to share your journey, photos, and experiences. Let’s amplify Indigenous voices!
Educate: Learn about the cultural significance of braids. Understand why hair matters to Indigenous people.
Stand Against Bullying: No more teasing or shaming. Let’s create a safe space where boys can express their identity without fear. 

Back the Braid 

Our beautiful portraits showcase First Nations boys and their braids. Through understanding and appreciation, we hope to eliminate bullying and promote cultural pride. 

Together, we weave resilience, honor, and tradition into every braid.