The sport demonstrations aimed at raising awareness about the Manitoba Indigenous Summer Games and NAIG would showcase the unique and rich cultural sports of Indigenous communities. Here are some samples of the sports you can expect:

1. Archery:  
- Demonstrations of traditional Indigenous archery techniques and equipment.  
- Explanation of the historical and cultural significance of archery to Indigenous communities.  
- Engage the audience by allowing them to try their hand at archery with the guidance of experienced archers.

2. Wrestling:  
- Traditional wrestling styles specific to Indigenous cultures showcased, such as Inuit or Apache wrestling.  
- Exhibition matches between experienced Indigenous wrestlers.  
- Display the physical skill and mental discipline required in wrestling while explaining its importance within Indigenous cultures.

3. Lacrosse:  
- Demonstrate the traditional stick-making process, highlighting the materials and craftsmanship involved.  
- Exhibition games showcasing different styles of Indigenous lacrosse, such as field or box lacrosse.  
- Educate the audience about the cultural significance of lacrosse as the Creator's game in Indigenous communities.

4. Arctic Games:  
- Showcase various traditional Arctic Games such as the Alaskan High Kick or the Seal Hop.  
- Explanation of the historical context and cultural significance of Arctic Games for Inuit and First Nations communities.  
- Offer opportunities for the audience to participate in simplified versions of these games to promote inclusivity and engagement.

5. 3x3 Basketball:  
- Organize friendly matches between Indigenous basketball teams or individuals.  
- Showcasing the unique skills and athletic abilities of Indigenous basketball players.  
- Promote the Manitoba Indigenous Summer Games and NAIG as platforms for Indigenous basketball talent to flourish.

These sport demonstrations aim to highlight the cultural heritage and diversity of Indigenous sports, while also emphasizing the importance of participation in events like the Manitoba Indigenous Summer Games and NAIG for the development of Indigenous athletes.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and give them a try!  No cost to participate, but gate admission is required.