Virtual Pow Wow- Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Pow Wow Official Rules

·      You must be registered to compete.   

·      Dancers record their video, upload to (If you don’t have an account you will need to make one) email to through Wetrasfer.   

·      Registration will be through C & T Tabulating services. Dance contestants can register in one category only, numbers must be provided by C & T Tabulations   

·      You must indicate your name and registered number before you dance (On paper or by voice). With the #MAFPOWWOW2021   

·      Dance contestants must be shot on the land outdoors.   

·      No Editing video allowed   

·      Judges are selected by the Head Dance Judge   

·      Songs will be selected and posted on the Manito Ahbee website Friday, April 23, 2021 at 12:00PM CDT  

·      Must have a PayPal or e – transfer account for winnings if not you will be paid by cheque.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to register to dance? Registration is free. 

Do I need to register to dance on the Manito Ahbee Virtual Powwow? YES. If you don’t register you will be disqualified.  Registration will take place TBD.  Registration closes on TBD.  No videos will be accepted after registration is closed. 

Is there a Tiny Tot category? No, But our Tiny Tot category will return in 2022. 

Will there be a Miss Manito Ahbee Youth Ambassador crowning during the 2021 Manito Ahbee Virtual Powwow? Our current Miss Manito Ahbee Laniece Asapace will carry the crown until next year. Please join us in May 2022 for the next Miss Manito Ahbee Youth Ambassador crowning. 

What kind of points will there be for the dancers? You will only be judged on the dance video that you submit. 

Will there be a Head Dance Judge? YES.  Our Head Dance Judge will select 5 judges per day of competition.  Additional dance judges will be available if a judge has to step down because a family member is competing.   

Will there be a singing competition? No 

Do you need to register for the Manito Ahbee Virtual Dance Specials? No, You will post your video on the day that the special will take place. Winners will be based on the number of LIKES.  The schedule for all categories and specials will be on the Manito Ahbee website. 

How many dancers can register per category? The Manito Ahbee Virtual Powwow will be accepting up to 50 submissions per category. 

Can I register in more than one category? No 

If I win how will I be paid? You will be paid within 5 days from when the winners are announced. Payments will be made by PayPal or e-transfer only. If you are not able to accept either of these payment options, a cheque will be mailed to you.  

Will winners in the United States be paid in American funds? All winners will be paid in Canadian funds. 

Can we dance to any drum group for the Manito Ahbee Virtual Powwow? Songs will be provided by one of our host drums. Selected song recordings for each category will be available on our website. 

Are there any rules for shooting the video? YES.  When recording your video you will need to include the following – Your video must be shot on the land. Your registration number provided by C & T Tabulating must be in your video. You cannot edit your video.