2020 Dance Specials

Rusty Gillette “Calm, Cool & Collected” Senior Grass Dance Special (40-59 YRS)

1st $400.00 2nd $300.00 3rd $200.00 4th 100.00

Ron McNab ‘ Not Sure Of His Age” Golden Age Grass Dance Special (60PLUS)

1st $400.00 2nd 300.00 3rd $200.00 4th $100.00

Hair Braiding Competition (OPEN TO EVERYONE)
Sponsored by: Teri Beads    

Pow Wow Style
1st 200.00 • 2nd 150.00 • 3rd 50.00

French Braid Style
1st 200.00 • 2nd 150.00 • 3rd 50.00

90’s Throwback Hand Drum Special
Sponsored by: The John “Shorty” Bearstail & Family

$2500.00 (USD) Total Prize Money

Dallas Waskahat is from the Frog Lake, Alberta lead singer of the band Cree Confederation. I wanted to bring awareness to my singing family, to remind each other that were Warriors stay healthy eat healthy being role models for our kids family and future up – and – coming singers. This takes this opportunity, this break to get back into shape and break the cycle of being just another singer who’s chubby. If dancers could stay in shape all summer then there must be a way for us singers to be just as active. We got to start somewhere and that’s today!!!

Rusty Gillette, is enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation, New Town ND.  His Sahnish name is “Hooves,” which was his Great Grandfather George Gillette’s name.  Rusty started dancing when he was 6 years old as a traditional dancer, like his Grandfather Russell Gillette, a well-known traditional dancer in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Rusty switched to Grass Dancing when he was 12 and has been dancing Grass ever since.  Rusty has three Children, Vance, Coral and George and two grandchildren, Calvin and Estella.  Rusty is a member of the Dead Grass Society, which is the Sahnish Grass Dance Society.  Rusty has grass danced coast to coast and border to border.  He has danced for the French Royal court and has danced in shows in Italy. 

Basketball Umary

Rusty Gillette came to the University of Mary in 1991 after completing an outstanding basketball career at Bismarck High School. As a freshman for UMary basketball coach Rod Jonas, Rusty had an immediate impact on the program as he saw a great deal of playing time at the varsity level and was named Outstanding Freshman.

Today Rusty leads the University of Mary all-time three-point shooting list with 195 three-pointers in his four-year career. During the 1993-94 season Rusty hit 60 three-point shots and today rans fifth overall in single season three-point shooting. An athlete who is also remembered for his great passing skills, Rusty could drive and dish the ball to an open teammate for two points with ease, which makes it no surprise that he ranks fifth among the UMary all-time assists leaders with 323. He is also eighth on the all-time leading scoring list with 1,167 points. Under his leadership, the Marauders enjoyed a conference title win. A team captain and Most Valuable Player, Rusty was named all-conference three times during his UMary basketball career.  Rusty is in the Umary Marauders Basketball Hall Of Fame.  Rusty has a Bachelors in Communications from the University of Mary, Bismarck, ND.  Rusty works as a Graphic Artist to pay the bills. 

After college Rusty was member of the Iron Five basketball team that traveled to and won Indian Tournaments all over the country.  Probably his biggest basketball moment is he played against President Barrack Obama in pickup basketball games, at the White House.

Rusty’s first head staff gig was an MC at the Arikara Celebration, White Shield, ND.  His first Arena Director Gig was at the Mandan Mid-Winter Pow wow, Mandan ND in 2005.  The first big Arena Director jobs were St Ignacio, CO, St Croix, WI and National Museum of the American Indian Pow wow, Washington, DC that got him started.  Since than he has been an Arena Director at Shakopee, MN, Prairie Island, MN, Crow Fair, MT, Schmitzen, CT, Hobemma, Alberta, Manito Ahbee, and the granddaddy of them all United Tribes Pow wow, Bismarck, ND, to name a few.  Rusty would like to thank all the pow wow’s that have hired him as Arena Director over the years and he looks forward to working with you in the future. 

Ron has been dancing Powwow since the early 1970’s. He was a Fancy feather dancer for many years until he changed over to the Grass dance. He is a very accomplished dancer and is known as a champion in the United States and Canada. Ron is an avid horseman and he raised cattle for many years. In his early years he was also a big game hunting guide where he got to enjoy the great out doors.

Ron had traveled many years with different production companies such as The Great Plains Dance Company and Buffalo Boy Productions as a performer for many different events. Ron has danced for the Prime Minister, and the Queen of England. He has been a major part of the powwow trail over the years and has inspired many young grass dancers to carry on the dance traditions of the Saulteaux nation of the southern Saskatchewan. Ron is a proud band member of the George Gordon First Nation where he currently resides on his ranch where he raises American Paint Horses.

Ron is a proud grandfather and great grandfather. In the winter months Ron is very active in his community through hockey where he enjoys playing the game with his sons and nephews in various hockey tournaments.

Ron’s favorite sayings “ Dance hard and wear Good loud Bells” and also “ If you can’t out dance them, or out fit them, then out style them”

Ron has been the longest running headstaff for the Manito Ahbee Powwow the first year he competed and placed. The following years to come he has been a team player and role model as the Manito Ahbee Powwow Arena Director.

Thanks Ron for 14 years of dedication