Getting Jiggy With It

Date TBD

In honour of the Métis community, their vibrant history and dance style that has been mastered for decades, the Festival will host Getting Jiggy With It – Square Dance Exhibition and Jigging Competition

Square Dance Exhibition
Square dance is a fast-paced, lively type of folk dance involving social interaction between several dancers. The term "round dancing" was also used to describe this style of group dancing. Both square and round dance describes a group of dancers moving through space to make large patterns, with a steady rhythmical base supporting the melody of the music. An early form was a line of dancers who made circles, spirals, and followed the person in front. 

Jigging Competition
The ‘Red River’ jig is a unique style of dance developed by the Métis nation, that features fast stepping footwork to iconic fiddle music. The dance has been passed down over the years and gets individuals young and elderly on their feet to showcase their signature steps. The Jigging competition is one of Manito Ahbee’s most popular events that you don’t want to miss