Getting Jiggy With It


 Getting Jiggy With It!   

Mikey Harris and the Ivan Flett Memorial dancers are bringing you the 2021 Manito Ahbee Getting Jiggy With It competition. All you have to do to enter is to record and upload your submission to Facebook, TikTok or Instagram using the hashtag #GETJIGGY2021.   

The finalists will be announced on Monday May 24, right here on the Manito Ahbee website and our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   

Categories and prizes  

For each category you must record yourself doing three (3) changes of the Red River Jig for 45-60 seconds.

For the Hip Hop Jig take you jigging steps and jig to hip hop music of your choice. This category can be done solo or with five other dancers!   

Good luck!   

Junior (11 & under) 
1.    $100.00 2.    $75.00 3.    $50.00  

1st        Mckenlie Breland
2nd       Keiradyn Breland
3rd       Jayleen Richard 

Youth (12-17) 
1.    $100.00 2.    $75.00 3.    $50.00  

1st        Shaylene Chartrand
2nd       Cadence Chubb
3rd       Gracyn Sanderson 

Adult (18-54) 
1.    $400.00 2.    $300.00 3.    $200.00   

1st        Felicia Morriseau
2nd       Jason Richard
3rd       Jocelyn Mckay

Senior 55+ 
1.    $200.00 2.    $150.00 3.    $100.00   

1st        Norman Kayseas

Hip Hop Jigging!
One winner only $500

Dali Keplin