Indigenous Film Award

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We are excited to announce our nominees for the 2019 Indigenous Film Award! Winner will be honoured the first Indigenous Film Award on Friday, May 17 at the IMA’s at Club Regent Casino.

2019 Nominees

Run As One – The Journey of the Front Runners

Erica Daniels is an award-winning Producer and Director. Her most
recent film, Run As One - The Journey of the Front Runners, is being shared in film festivals across the globe and has won numerous awards. She was nominated for Best Direction (Web Program or Series) at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards.

Along with her passion of storytelling, is her passion to work with youth in her community by reconnecting them to their culture and identity. She currently runs a cultural program at the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre and mentor’s youth in video production. The beauty of her culture continuously inspires Erica's work and motivates her to share the knowledge of her elders for next generations.

Film Synopsis: In 1967, Winnipeg hosted the fifth Pan American Games. 10 young Indigenous athletes from First Nations across Manitoba were selected to run the Pan Am torch from Minneapolis to Winnipeg — an 800 km, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

But just before the athletes arrived at the opening ceremonies, the torch was taken from them. It was handed to a non-Indigenous athlete, who carried the torch into the stadium.

The runners were sent to a diner across the street, where they watched the opening ceremonies on TV.

50 years later, the runners reunite at that same Winnipeg restaurant to share their memories, and to discuss the injustice and disappointment they faced at the end of their journey.

To watch Run As One, please click here.

Film: Headdress

JJ Neepin is an indigenous Writer & Director based out of
Winnipeg. With her sister and Producer Justina Neepin, they have created several short films with their production company JJNeepinFilms INC. Their films have screened at film festivals around the world, including ImagineNative and Hot Docs in Toronto, LA Skins Festival in Los Angeles, and MaoriLand in New Zealand.

JJ has directed several episodes of EagleVision’s True Crime documentary series Taken, APTN’s ghost investigation show, The Other Side and several other documentary televisions. Constantly honing her craft, JJ has participated in the competitive 2018 Women in the Director’s Chair; Story & Leadership program, the 2017 Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s Women Director’s Apprenticeship and various filmmaker mentorships with Hot Docs and NSI.

Film Synopsis: Filmmaker JJ Neepin recreates her great-grandfather’s portrait with the help of photographer Nadya Kwandibens, exploring the responsibility of wearing a headdress.

To watch Headdress, please click here.

Film: Zaasaakwe (Shout With Joy)

Madison Thomas is a filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Growing up, she
emerged as a natural storyteller and artist at a young age. Her work reflects her mixed cultural roots, Ojibwe, Saulteax, Russian and Ukrainian. Thomas also draws inspiration from experiences growing up in the inner city and has committed herself to diverse representation in her films.

Thomas believes that giving back to the community is a fundamental part of her responsibility as an artist. She often teaches film to inner city and low-income youth. In 2016 she was selected as a Tedx Winnipeg speaker and her talk “Arts in the Hood” focused on her journey as an artist and her work as a mentor.

Film Synopsis: In this uplifting, joyful and colourful celebration of life, juxtaposing images unite the past and the present. A young woman calls upon Indigenous people to embrace their history, while coming together to strengthen their ties within their communities.

To watch Zaasaakwe, please click here.

Film: Don't Waste a Precious Minute

Marc Greene is a Winnipeg based filmmaker and has graduated from the
University of Winnipeg with his BA in Theatre and Film. Marc continues to work in the independent film industry in Winnipeg, assisting and editing for projects with a company called ‘Electric Monk Media.’ Marc was able to write, direct and distribute his first short horror film ‘Don’t Waste A Precious Minute.’ Marc has recently graduated from the skills link program through the Adam Beach Film. Marc’s plans are to continue working in the industry and make more horror / genre projects in the future.

Film Synopsis: Leanne and John are doomed. Caged and suffering a mindless cycle of sleeping, waking and darkness. A sliver of light and a masked stranger appears to deliver food and ignore screams for mercy. Given the chance to escape, will John

abandon Leanne and confront his fate as a trophy kill?

Don’t Waste A Precious Minute is a short horror film produced by Electric Monk Media and written and directed by Marc Greene. It was filmed in the forest near Prawda, Manitoba and is distributed by Devolver Digital Films.

To watch Don’t Waste a Precious Minute, click here