Youth Education

Welcome Educators!

Once again the Manito Ahbee Youth Education Land Based & Cultural Teaching is being delivered online and will be available all year long for your students. Due to the pandemic, the celebrations of Manitoba’s 150th birthday were postponed. But they still wanted to contribute to the success of our festival so this year Celebrate 150 is a proud sponsor of the Manito Ahbee Youth Education Land Based & Cultural Teachings. We have also partnered with Qaumajuq, the new Inuit art gallery at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Qaumajuq  is an art centre showcasing the world’s largest collection of Inuit art in the world and adds another 40,000 square feet to the WAG.   

“Creating spaces for Inuit elders to pass their teachings on to the broader community is critical to building bridges of understanding – between culture, between north and south and between generations.” - from the Qaumajuq website.  

The Manito Ahbee Festival is excited to share a Qulliq teaching, along with more of the Qaumajuq opening celebrations as part of our educational programming for 2021.

On Friday, May 21, 2021 & Saturday May 22, 2021 we will have five land-based and cultural teaching videos available for viewing. 

They are:

  • Red willow cradle teaching
  • Sweat Lodge teaching
  • How to clean a deer hide
  • Qulliq teaching
  • Story of Thanadelthur, a young Dene woman who was instrumental in bringing peace between the Dene and Cree in northern Manitoba in the 1700’s.  

Remember to keep an eye on this space in the Fall when we will bring more land-based education to you for the school year 2021-22!