Youth Education Day

Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the Manito Ahbee’s Education Day gathering and all outreach programming for the 2020 year.  But we still want to offer programming that is fun and interactive for students and all family members who want to learn the Indigenous languages of the Manitoba region. On our website you will find four categories of programming:

  • Videos from various artists and cultural leaders discussing cultural and Indigenous language teachings. 
  • Resource information/websites that offer additional cultural teachings and language teachings. 
  • Bingo calling sheets in the languages of Cree, Dakota, Dene, Inuktitut, Ojibwe, Oji-Cree, & Michif. (Due to the length of some of the numbers, we could not fit the translated numbers into the bingo generator.  But, we are offering the translated sheet which could be used to pronounce the numbers).
  • Indigenous Jeopardy – an interactive game in Cree, Dakota, Inuktitut, Dene, Ojibwe, Oji-Cree, & Michif. (If you have other categories that you would like the festival to incorporate, please feel free to email the information to Below is a registration form you will need to fill out prior to accessing the information. It is free to register and we ask that you fill out how many people you will be utilizing the information for. 

Thank you, 

Derek Hart 
Education Day Coordinator